Luxembourg – je t’aime, moi non plus…


Living in Luxembourg pros and cons

Ech hun dech gär…that’s as close as you can get to saying “i love you” in Luxemburgish. Isn’t that sad? Luckily there are two more official languages to express your romantic feelings!

Correct me if I’m wrong but Luxembourg is the one and only country having three official languages (Luxemburgisch, French and German) and English being widely spoken.

Thanks to big expat and migrant communities, Portuguese, Italian and many other European and also non-European languages are spoken in the streets. Isn’t this unique? You become a polyglot by staying in one place – the heart of Europe! 💙💛

Finding a job? There are just banks and funds?! Luxleaks, fiscal paradise, Panama Papers…?

Amazon, Ferrero, Skype and many others recently declared their European headquarters here. No only for fiscal reasons and low social security charges but also thanks to the multilingual workforce. Wages are high and indexed to inflation. The country has more jobs than active workforce. Therefore many cross-country employees commute every day.

Makes the GDP per capita one of the highest in the world and the traffic jams also the most annoying worldwide.

Having 100,000 people more during lunch break than in the evening or on weekends make the city sometimes a real bore. Why do you all rush home instead of having some afterwork drinks?

Luxembourg has no culture?! Yes it does, afterwork on Wednesday and Thursday – but only on a sunny day. Where else in the world would you pay 5€ for a small beer to drink on the street? And yes this is both legal and socially accepted here! 😏😎✌🏿️

imageimageimageimageOctober to April are dark winter months with zero sunshine. Not only is there a lack of sunshine but also no blue skies, wet cold, rain, strong winds that will make you freeze to death and hate this place. Thats why we all migrate to southern Europe. Or at least dream of a sunnier place to be. This place reliably triggers my #wanderlust

Spring and summer however are incredibly picturesque!

If you’re allergic, better stay inside, those beautiful blossoms have some side effects.. 😝🙈🌸

The architecture is just stunning! From french sandstone villas on Avenue de la liberte to modern steel- glass office buildings on Kirchberg – the eye and camera lense has much to capture. And then the city mixes with parcs in its middle to have a green silent heart surrounded by its hectic loud life..



Go check out the Luxemburgish Switzerland and beautiful castles in the North!


Nightlife.. Well Luxi with you ridiculous prices you have become my rehab. Let’s better predrink with friends at my place and not pay your silly 15€ for a cocktail. Wages are not that high either!😈 🙀😿

And then you shouldn’t get too wasted either. Chances are high to run into your boss at a party. Or anyone you’ve ever met here. Byebye anonymous life! Socialize!

Lux is the cheapest country to study? Well cost of living is high but:

  • student accomodations are subsidized
  • tuition fees low
  • alcohol, cigarettes and gas cheap ( #tanktourismus)
  • you can go grocery shopping in Germany
  • No charges for medical insurance (those savings actually pay my rent) …


Right now, one can’t take any photos without cranes and construction sites. Sorry tourists from Far East for all the #Kranplatz …

What do you love and hate about Luxembourg? Or have you never been there? Leave me a comment 😉

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