Hawaii on a budget 

How we afforded to go to Hawaii – so can you!

“Hey, I found cheap flights to Hawaii, should we go?” – That’s what my friend Boudi said. Friday night and a bottle of wine later the madness (PHX – HNL) is booked. And we instantly feel happier.

Cheap flights to Hawaii

How cheap are cheap flights to Hawaii?! Well, it was in November 2013, I don’t remember the exact amount but

  • we had a great exchange rate (1.35 $/€)
  • it was low season in November
  • it must have been about 300€ because I’ve compared it with the travel costs for Abifahrt 😀

But, I made the mistake to not book it earlier. Last minute only works in very low season if they can’t sell their tickets; which is hardly ever these days. It rather gets more expensive. So I’ve hesitated to travel to the end of the world alone; especially because my parents and friends told me not to do so.

Multi-stop flights

So, I booked all my flights to the US in one as a multi-stop package on kayak. Which is awesome value for money.  (1159€ in total for FRA-PHX SNA-LGA RIC-MIA MIA-FRA). Adding Hawaii would have only cost 200€ more back then btw… -.-

Review Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the coolest airline I’ve come across so far. They make you sing at the gate, distribute flowers for honeymooners (yes, we thought for a moment about pretending 😀 ) And they serve fresh Hawaiian fruits. Honolulu has such a nice airport with lots of palmtrees around!

Honeymoon in Hawaii ?!

Anyway, many people believed we were just married.. 😀 Even as friends you can only have a good time in Hawaii.

Dangers in Hawaii

Despite flood warnings and stuff.. 😀

Cheap Accommodation in Hawaii

  • We booked the cheapest hotel (which was not bad at all, we got an upgrade to have a balcony with sea view and a kitchen for 100$ per night for the room): http://www.cheapoair.com/FPNextHotel/Hotels/HotelDetail/s/1?FPWEBCA205&EID=40&FPID=240605&HID=202986&T=Hotel%20Name&t=h
  • Had dinner once at a fancy beach-front restaurant (25$)
  • and cheap eats the other times
  • went on a snorkeling / sailing trip with turtles (around 50$)
  • booked a Mustang convertible for a day to explore the more hidden spots of Oahu (maybe 100$ divided by 2 people)
  • went to the Chiquita farm (10$)
  • sneaked into a fancy resort to see a stunning sunset and Hawaiian show by accident
  • some shopping at night (50$)

…and my mom paid more for her trip to Mallorca at the same time

Cheap Flights from Europe to Hawaii

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