About Michelle

Where the hell is Michelle?!

The #1 FAQ turned into a blog where I share travel experiences and tips to plan your trip.

When I met Pia during studying abroad in the US, she inspired me to travel to one country for every year of age. I just turned 21 back then and had been to only 12 countries. Since then my priorities changed, so that I travel now to 12 countries per year; 49 distinct countries so far – with #50 proving especially difficult due to Covid.

When I’m not on the road (almost all weekends and days off) I work in Tech to finance my trips. In general I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Expat | Woman in Tech | Multilingual |Road-trips | Travel | Backpacking in Style | Lifestyle | Backpacking for Ladies | Freedom | Exchange Semester |Veggie

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