Where the hell is Michelle…?!

Where the hell is Michelle?

Short answer: Luxembourg.

Why #wherethehellismichelle?

My #1 FAQ (#2 being when do you come back, #3 when do i see you again) makes me realize what great friends I have. 😍😘
Fellow travellers also ask the where question: “where are you from?” to start random smalltalk.
Hence, the hashtag.

Long answer:

Started writing this in a plane flying from Shanghai to Guilin. Finishing it in Luxembourg. Jaja, procrastination 🙈

I spend more time on the road than in my hometown. Therefore I often take the wrong way in one way streets although I’m in a car with a local license plate… 🙈😂
Unfortunately I don’t spend enough time with old friends and family but I’m working on it. 😉💪

“Can you imagine living abroad?”, asked my german teacher just before graduation.
“Maybe”, that’s what most of us said, including me.

Turns out since graduating highschool I’ve always lived abroad. 5 countries in 5 years: Germany – Luxembourg – France – USA – China.

Apart from that my travel addiction started in the US. My well-travelled friends there inspired me and in the end we went on roadtrips almost every weekend.

Now, 2 years later it’s all about travelling. All the money I’m saving, the job I’m choosing, day offs, exam planning,… – it just comes down to how this will allow me to travel.

And suddenly I went to more Countries in 2015 than in my whole life before. The new one’s were: UAE, Viet Nam, San Marino, Oman, Tanzania, Israel, Ethiopia, China with Hong Kong and Macao.

Get ready for some reviews, and how I have the time and money for all this… 😝✌🏿️

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