Shanghai’s nightlife – party every damn day?!

Vegas is the best place to party ?!- what if I tell you a secret…

Shanghai by night is better!

Am I the one to judge? I guess so, one of my top three rules for Shanghai was to see every club. I tried hard, I even wrote this list after I forgot I had already been to one club before.. 😀

Clubs/bars been to
7th floor
Bar Rouge
La Bamba
Café des stagiaires
Beer festival
The apartment
The Shelter
Cirque le soir
M on the Bund

My favourite: M1NT Shanghai


We tried hard and failed. There are way too many clubs to see and we ended up going to our favourite ones anyway:

  • Wednesday after Chinese Class to Model’s Night at Mint
  • Thursday in Summer to Ladies Night at Bar Rouge
  • Saturday at Mint again

And when we were very motivated also Tuesday Ladies Night at M2 or at Modu and Friday something new.

What makes Shanghai’s nightlife so awesome?

  1. Free entrance (yes, also for guys!)
  2. Free vestiaire
  3. Free drinks! (yes, not only for girls!)
  4. every day
  5. free entrance to DJs (Fedde le Grand)
  6. free strippers (forget Saumur!)
  7. cheap taxi rides home (max 70 RMB/10€ for 10km)

How does this work?

Well, over time you’ll get to know some promotors who will send you a daily summary of the best parties and they are paid for getting you in for free and giving you free drinks. :O

Chinese clubs are full of tables where Chinese sit down to loud music to order expensive bottles. Foreigners are cross-subventioned for partying hard on the dance floor, because that’s apparently what makes clubs fancy. I have some doubts about that revenue model and ethics though…

Beijing is kind of the same – with most clubs in the street next to Worker’s Stadium:

So, maybe next time:

Phebe Light à côté
Dada underground group
Yonkong lu (Straße von café des stagiares)
Les barons….

Do you now understand why Luxembourg feels like a rehab to me? 😉

Last but not least:

“Can we take a selfie? What’s your wechat?” 😀IMG_8540


Ladyboys, Buckets, Thai massage and Sunshine?!

After 5 months in China it feels so unreal leaving to a different country. On a X2 (1 semester) student visa, you usually only get 1 entry; i.e. if you want to leave the country you either need to apply and pay and go through the annoying process to get a residence permit (which I did) or get a new visa.

So on 23/01 I’m leaving snowy Shanghai. (It never snows there! ok, maybe once since they recorded the weather). Taking an early morning flight usually means partying the night before, packing with a hangover (and there’s a lot to pack after 6 months although I only took a backpack.. 😀 ) and then at 4am you’re desperately waiting for a taxi with a 20kg backpack on your back, 2 hand bags, my blanket around my neck, my umbrella somewhere,… 😀

From 0 degrees to 40 degress

Thai Airways had a beautiful plane with pink seats and yummy food. Some hours later, I get out of the plane – boom! into a wall of humid heat – humid 40 degrees! For a moment I feel like I’m about to fall unconscious…  I’m walking out in boots and my black lace dress. Guess it was cold where I came from (Sibiria) and it didn’t fit into the bag.. 😉

No more Chinese people

Again I was the only western girl in the plane but this time i didn’t even notice anymore. I just noticed in the airport that I’m not used to seeing so many white people anymore. 😀 Yet this typical ugly tourist style is something I didn’t miss at all. As if the worst dressed people were assembled in one place.

So many gays! There are hardly any openly gay people in China… :/

First thing the middle eastern guys do, is to smoke in the designated smoking rooms (how can you even breath in there) and pray in the praying rooms. Probably in this order, if time allows ;)Could have also been Bahrain or Muscat airport.

Those Thai people! Could they be any cuter? Always smiling and bowing down. And suddenly I realize for my connecting flight all economy passenger have lounge access.Whaaaaaaaat i got a lounge to wait?! :)))


Wow! I can access instagram, facebook, etc. without VPN!
And it is so fast! The addiction is back!

People speak english 🙂

Funny accent 🙂
From talking normal speed with my international friends to slow-mo again, but hey we can express ourselves and understand our counterpart 🙂

I still think in chinese though.. No more blocked to speak it, which is weird because that never happened when I needed it the most.

Before boarding the next plane to Samui, I try some free Thai food 🙂 yummy!

Of course the flipflops are in the checked bag… 😀 So wearing beach wear with boots 😂 At the gate people stare at my weird style, but hey, most of them are also heading to the Full Moon Party, so who cares? Now, that I no longer have wifi, I look around..


Oh wow! Look at this beauty! Russian anthrogyne type, perfectly shaped legs, no fat, nothing. This perfect face with high cheekbones. I try not to stare. Nice boobs, but hey wait, they’re fake. 😛 Just like the boobs next to her, oh and there also. Damn all these people are so tanned, look at me! 😀

Oh see, I was right, a group of Argentinians is also going to the Full Moon Party. Anyway, let’s take a nap on the way to Samui before the party (remember never sleep before a long distance flight 😛 )

Koh Samui has such a cute airport:

Arriving there immediately gives you the vacation feeling. Until you wait for one hour in the humid heat for your backpack just to be told they put it somewhere else.. 😀 and yes, look at my blanket, walking around in Macklemore style.. 😀IMG_8900

Off to the Full Moon Party

Finally back with Jasmine again, dropping the bag off, eating something and off to Koh Phangan for the party… The way there by shuttle and speed boat is something I’d like to forget about… Sooner or later we’re there, and guess what, we run into the Argentinians. So, let’s get some color, try to decorate ourselves and write #dengmamm on one’s arm. 😀 😀 😀 A few minutes later we lose them forever in the crowd.

Anyway, it’s much easier to party like that. We get a bucket of vodka whatever and check out the location. Oh and yes, I get the Rolling Stones tongue painted on my belly. Sooner or later after the rave we sit down on the beach, watching the full moon. Could have been quite romantic, if you weren’t also watching one guy after another pissing into the sea… Feeling “Penisneid” and disgust at the same time, that guy turns around and comes talk to us. Please don’t do this! My best friend and I are d’accord about some basic things: please shut the bathroom door, please wash your hands or please at least pretend you have some manners. Puh, he’s leaving again! Finally silence. Oh wait, no another drunk one starting some random smalltalk. Bla bla bla. Can’t we just sit here and chill? Oh next ones… they seem to be quite nice, so let’s party. Sooner or later we try to find the pier (walking, by taxi, walking) to go back to Samui. Don’t know how but I managed to fall asleep in that crazy taxi ride and in the bumpy speed boat when I was afraid to die. Asia got me used to it I guess. At sunrise, we’re back, now let’s explore the island!

Rainy days never say goodbye

imageimageimageimageimageIMG_8984IMG_8998IMG_9105IMG_8996IMG_8941IMG_9049IMG_9034IMG_9033It shouldn’t rain there in January, but hey, we made the most of it! And Jasmine’s dad showed us the best spots.

Sun and sunburn

And then for the last few days sun comes, so does my sunburn from crazy scooter driving. Oh btw an asymmetrical backpack gives you such a weird sunburn pattern.. 😀 A picture says more than 1000 words:IMG_9172IMG_9146imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageNikki Beach Koh Samui is hard to find but well worth a visit and much more affordable than its European pendants. This last day makes it even harder to leave.

So the very last day, we go elephant trekking. I somehow lock the bathroom door just to ask a stranger to break into it later on 😀

Deep Thai Massage

And as a goodbye I treat myself with the most Thai thing I could think of – A deep Thai massage with coconut oil at the beach for only 400 THB (10€). A cute Thai girl does a great job – just the right amount of pressure, I almost fall asleep until she asks me to turn around. Trying to open my eyes, I wonder if I’m still massaged by the same one. Oh, there’s something weird about her face, her nose maybe, unlucky plastic surgery. Oh wait!!! A ladyboy?! How could I know? Body? hmm loose clothing! Hands? Tiny, just like Thai hands.. Oh wait the arms! Muscular! Oh yeah, this is a ladyboy! By then, I think (s)he knew I knew, trying not to stare at him/her while (s)he does this weird stretches with my legs. The massage is pretty awesome – the best of both worlds as they like to say. 😉 But again, no happy ending offered. Is this just because I’m female, you sexists? 😉 😀

So, this was the end of my short adventure vacation with lovely Jasmine in T-hailand except for an unspectacular night in Bangkok. Oh and btw the very first beauty was also a ladyboy. (S)he and her friend exchanged money and the voice made it pretty clear. So yeah, the stereotypes are more true than I imagined but hey, this country is so worth a trip! Just look at this foodporn:

Where the hell is Michelle…?!

Where the hell is Michelle?

Short answer: Luxembourg.

Why #wherethehellismichelle?

My #1 FAQ (#2 being when do you come back, #3 when do i see you again) makes me realize what great friends I have. 😍😘
Fellow travellers also ask the where question: “where are you from?” to start random smalltalk.
Hence, the hashtag.

Long answer:

Started writing this in a plane flying from Shanghai to Guilin. Finishing it in Luxembourg. Jaja, procrastination 🙈

I spend more time on the road than in my hometown. Therefore I often take the wrong way in one way streets although I’m in a car with a local license plate… 🙈😂
Unfortunately I don’t spend enough time with old friends and family but I’m working on it. 😉💪

“Can you imagine living abroad?”, asked my german teacher just before graduation.
“Maybe”, that’s what most of us said, including me.

Turns out since graduating highschool I’ve always lived abroad. 5 countries in 5 years: Germany – Luxembourg – France – USA – China.

Apart from that my travel addiction started in the US. My well-travelled friends there inspired me and in the end we went on roadtrips almost every weekend.

Now, 2 years later it’s all about travelling. All the money I’m saving, the job I’m choosing, day offs, exam planning,… – it just comes down to how this will allow me to travel.

And suddenly I went to more Countries in 2015 than in my whole life before. The new one’s were: UAE, Viet Nam, San Marino, Oman, Tanzania, Israel, Ethiopia, China with Hong Kong and Macao.

Get ready for some reviews, and how I have the time and money for all this… 😝✌🏿️